About you

Focus on value creation

Your products are unique, but it is not always easy to describe it in writing in a highly regulated environment. 1A Food Consulting is highly focused on displaying the USP’s (unique selling points) of your product the best way possible in a competitive and highly regulated market. We use the whole toolbox to give you the best choices of positioning your product in a market where multiple approaches and product categories are optional.

We want to make you even more successful

Being our costumer our aim is not only to service or satisfy you. We want to make you even more successful. This means we must get inside your world and find out precisely what you want to achieve and then we commit ourselves helping you to do that. We need to understand your business as well as your costumers. It is not enough we talk to with you. In order to serve you the best we need to understand your customers and what they want from your product. We wish to be your partner in this process of bringing the optimum customer satisfaction to you.

Reducing your costumer’s costs

Three costs your customers pay, which they consider to be even less affordable than the purchase price – are lack of compliance, value and safety. If we can reduce these costs customers experience they will not be so price sensitive. In fact, they might even be prepared to pay more. The key to reduce these costs lies in understanding and optimizing your products performance and position in a given market.

You get this “something extra”

A company must increase the benefits their product provides to their customers. There are three levels at which benefits are created but two of these, the basic product and service and support services, are today just hygiene factors. We want to serve you and your customers by giving them this “something extra” and, thereby, gain an advantage over your competitors. This “something extra” is benefits your customers would love your product to provide and cannot find in competitive products.

You get this for free!

We offer the first cup of coffee including our initial high level perspectives about your challenge/opportunity!