Have you considered submitting your registration file as a eCTD, or is it even a must to you?

1A Food Consulting have an experienced staff specialized in eCTD submissions.

A professional partner preparing and submitting; Drug master files, active substance master file (ASMF) and any kind of registration work for pharmaceuticals or herbal drugs – ALL IN ELECTRONIC VERSION!

First, we will work with you to identify any potential roadblocks that may impact the timing and/or quality of your eCTD submission. Based on our analysis and your feedback, we will propose resolutions and mitigations to those risks. We are also able to help generate submission-ready deliverables by engaging stakeholders upstream in the process.

Knowing the line of work to be done and executing this with experience enables us to navigate past pitfalls and through shortcuts.

We make safe that all documents are eCTD compatible and have a solid combination of experience, expertise, and courage to challenge given differences and apparent incompatibilities between registration files 1A Food Consulting can help you find the fastest and most cost-effective way through registration to market.

eCTD dossier includes preparation and or/review of documentation.