European Applications

European applications

There are different European applications that become interesting when you want to go to market within the EU holding a new ingredient or using the ingredient in a new category.

The three most challenging categories are: The Novel food legislation, the additive legislation and the Health claim legislation.

Novel food

There are three options which depending on the ingredient may be used to bring an ingredient to market. With every ingredient it is a challenge to find which regulatory route is the best for the customer with the implications and requirements each choice entails.

This means that the best way for us to help our customers making the right decision to achieve approval of the ingredient is for us to help the customer matching the requirements of various optional solutions.

We know the challenge and we love every journey along the “novel-food road-map” with its dead-ends and loop-holes making our clients succeed fast smooth and as inexpensively as possible.

  1. Non Novel statement
  2. Substantial equivalence
  3. Novel food application


Applications for a new additive follow strict regulations and guidelines. If your ingredient “only” has technical capabilities an additive application is the right solution. Furthermore same application can be used to widen the range of an existing additive whether you want to extend areas of use or apply for higher dosages.

It is however important to be aware that there sometimes are other options that may be commercially more interesting for an ingredient. Please contact us for more information.

Health claims

Health claims made in relation to food products require authorization under Regulation 1924/2006/EC before they can be used in the labelling and marketing of these products in the EU.

Within the context of this authorization procedure, EFSA’s Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) is responsible for verifying the scientific substantiation of the health claims.

Provided a generic health claim exists you are allowed to use this provided you fulfill requirements of dosage etc.

If you wish to use a not yet approved health claim the procedures laid down in Regulation 1924/2006/EC applies.