Non Novel

Not a novel food?

An ingredient is to be considered novel food in Europe by the European food safety authority (EFSA) if the ingredient has not been used for human consumption to a significant degree in the EU before 15 May 1997. Novel food is regulated by Regulation 258/97/EU.

The non-novel statement.

An ingredient is not considered a novel food if it has been commercially used for human consumption within the European Union prior to May 15th. 1997.

If the ingredient was used in ordinary food the consumption had to be significant (typically some tons). If it was used as an ingredient in food supplements it is only necessary to prove that it has been sold to consumers as an ingredient in a supplement.

Providing evidence for consumption to the degree needed rest solely on you. Acceptable proof may be hard to find as PDF’s of receipts issued to an end-costumer before May 1997 are rare and so are hard-copies.

Having a non-novel statement issued by a legal authority within EU is hard. Success depends on whether or not you can find the “needle in the haystack”.

1A Food Consulting has made a large number of these investigations and so far we have no rejects. In order to succeed you need to cooperate with a lot of different stakeholders of which not all of them necessarily have the same commercial interests as you. It is a rather cheap solution compared to a novel food application but there often is quite some waiting time included as inquiries are handled differently by the parties involved.

Many of our clients have had a major advantage using this option instead of a full novel food application. Obtaining a non-novel statement may take a few hours and sometimes more, however we are very conscious of costs for our clients.

One of more keys to obtain a non-novel statement is in our experience a good know-how of the industry, having a unique composition of our consultants with different educational, national and ethnic backgrounds making a strong team that covers most of the world but especially the EU countries.


We treasure confidentiality. As a result when asked for references we will provide these references matching you inquiry only upon the acceptance of the client we have worked for previously without revealing any data on you.

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