Substantial Equivalence

Substantial equivalence

An ingredient is to be considered novel food in Europe by the European food safety authority (EFSA) if the ingredient has not been consumed for human consumption to a significant degree in the EU before 15 May 1997. These ingredients are regulated by EU Reg. 258/97.

The motivation for choosing this category must be that the similar ingredient or similar manufactured ingredient as already an approved ingredient. Consequently EFSA has stated that they either has agreed to the manufacturing method is safe or that the way the ingredient is used by the body when ingested known and deemed accepted.

This process is quite like the novel foods little brother when we are talking about documentation, time to spend and thereby also the financial question of the task.

Which means that the best way we can help our customers in taking the right decision for them to achieve their goal for the ingredient is for us to help the customer to matching the expectations and the outcome. This is something we have great experience in and we love every new adventure along the “novel road” with all its little ”traps and loop-holes” partially concealed but we know them so well.


We treasure confidentiality between our client and us. As a result when we are asked for references we will provide references matching you inquiry upon the acceptance of the client we have worked for previously.

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