IPR Potential

IPR protecting your application!

IPR – Intellectual Property Rights options are not necessarily always obvious. Have filed for a patent you will know about it, sometimes however we meet clients who are not themselves aware about the fact that their new ingredient only can exist because an major or minor invention has been made.

Going through the technical details of applications we have revealed a number of patent options for clients with a number of these actually being patented. These patents are always the sole property of our client.

Intellectual property rights are important in many ways. One of the most important are embedded in the fact that they often are very useful in order to prevent your competitors from making a “substantial equivalence claim” and thus keeping the market solitaire for a little longer.

Furthermore it reduces the risk having a competitor making a “copy” of your ingredient as your competitor either will have to pay the full costs of a novel food application of his own or face a potential lawsuit for breaking a patent. As a consequence hereof we are always looking carefully at the documentation provided to find options for our client to protect their ingredient i.e. investment as good as possible.