Motto Vision and Mission

Albert Einstein once said: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.

Our motto is a derivate from this statement:

No is not the answer!

If it is not possible to do exactly like you wish due to legal, scientific or technical issues, we work to be able to say: “No you can’t, BUT if you do like this….there is a solution”. Perhaps we need to twist or turn the matter, but we will get there eventually.

Our vision:

It’s our vision to become the preferred partner of our clients and help our clients utilize the entire potential of any product within the boundaries given. We do not see the legislative framework under which we operate as a hinder to a product.

Instead we are experiencing how our clients proactively can utilize the same framework whether it is an ingredient or a finished product.

Our mission:

Bringing your product swiftly, legally and safely to market.

1A Food consulting is working passionately for our customers to ensure the most successful solution possible whilst keeping your products safe within and protected by the legislation. We a team of highly educated staff members located in the European countries ready to take responsibility for customer needs.

We use a 360 degrees point of view of any situation, seeing any product from a regulatory-, marketing-, economical- and strategical point of view thus to ensure the success our customers deserve. We thrive in the minefield between legislation commercial needs and technical opportunities and provide results while meeting our customers’ needs and enjoy bringing up solutions for commercialization in difficult areas.

The commitment between our customer and us is essential for mutual trust. We make strong bonds with our customers and we always go the extra mile to help our customers, we believe it makes the difference. Honesty and trustworthiness are fundamental values in our work.