Food contact materials

Food contact materials.

General requirements for all food contact materials are laid down in Framework Regulation 1935/2004/EC (consolidated). Good Manufacturing Practice for materials and articles intended to come in contact with food is described in Regulation 2023/2006/EC. There are also EU regulations for specific materials: ceramics, regenerated cellulose film, plastics, recycled plastics and active and intelligent materials. In addition, some directives cover single substances or groups of substances used in the manufacture of food contact materials. Food contact materials must not transfer their components into the foods in unacceptable quantities (migration). This relies on insuring that during contact there is no migration of unsafe levels of chemical substances from the material to the food.

It takes more than reading to ensure compliance with this legislation. It is the obligation a producer of any food contact material to deliver/be able to immediately deliver documentation demonstrating compliance with the above mentioned legislation is often not fulfilled.

Though it is the obligation of the producer to deliver said documentation, you as a food producer are solely responsible that any food contact material which touches your product at any time, during storage, production preparation, production and final packaging is in accordance with the above legislation.

Some companies cannot ensure this alone making it imperative for them to search suppliers who can and will provide these informations, at least to inspecting authorities, immediately upon request.

If your supplier doesn’t want to hand over his information to you, at least you need a legally binding statement (preferably from a third party inspector) that confirms compliance with legislation.

Guard these documents carefully. You will need them during inspections.

We can assist you in more ways:

Check whether your documentation fulfill requirements as laid down in legislation

Search suppliers that actually have acceptable certificates of conformity

Preparing you declaration of conformity being a producer of a food contact material