HACCP and auto-control programs

It is a legal requirement that you as a manufacturer of food, feed, cosmetics etc. handle your production setup, hygiene, ingredient procurement, and maintenance systems in a well-documented and standardized way.

We help our customer setup or revise the auto-control program for the small or medium-sized company no matter if it is a single topic or the entire factory “all included”.

HACCP – Hazard analysis and critical control points

HACCP is an internationally recognized method of identifying and managing risk. This is why HACCP is the food safety program which can provide vendors, the public and government sector bodies with a high degree of comfort that food safety is being taken seriously and is well managed.

The concept is not new however. Researchers and suppliers to the NASA space program developed the system to avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of failure above the earth’s atmosphere. Today the use of HACCP is mandatory in food or feed production as part of the auto-control program if you sell ingredients or products in the EU.

How does HACCP work?

By analyzing the hazards, where and how they can occur, systems and procedures can be implemented to minimize the risk of failure. Critical control points can be managed by appropriate trained staff in your production, making sure that a real hand on quality management level is maintained.

A food safety program however does not just stop with HACCP. To be effective programs such as pest control, recall protocols, hygiene and sanitation need to be developed, implemented and documented.

Ensuring that suppliers and distributors use an implemented auto-control program is a task which requires documentation stating that they produce and distribute safely. Not all producers, distributors and transporters fulfill legal requirements but if you don’t make sure you have documentation that they do, you may come into harms way.

We look forward to assist you with your auto-control program, HACCP identification and documentation.