In the EU the cosmetics legislation is overall covered by Regulation 1223/2009/EU (consolidated version). This regulation is among other things governing ingredients in products as well as claims and the documentation necessary.

Cosmetic products are important consumer products with an essential role in everyone’s life: apart from “traditional” cosmetic products, such as make-up and perfumes, it also includes products for personal hygiene, for example tooth-care products, shampoos and soaps.

Today’s cosmetic market is driven by innovation. Most cosmetics products have a lifespan of less than five years and manufacturers reformulate 25% of their products every year. They need to improve products constantly in order to stay ahead in a highly competitive market where more choices and ever greater efficacy are expected by the consumer. The frequent change of composition together with constant changes in legislation makes it imperative to be atop of legislation.

A growing trend is the introduction of “Cosmeceuticals” into the EU market. Functions, efficacy and fantastic effects are claimed. Cosmetics and claims attached to products are however subject to the EU legal framework which makes it imperative to carefully choose your wording and marketing strategies. The “wording” used in the marketing department about your claim(s) is often more threatening to your product than the “claim” itself.

We offer you to help in development, to find contract manufacturers and to be the interactive player with your marketing department and thus giving advice on when you “cross the line or not”. You may end up being surprised what is actually legal to say, if you just do it right.