Functional Feed ingredients

The feed industry is regulated by several regulations. Marketing and labeling by regulation 767/2009/EC, feed hygiene by regulation 183/2005/EC, feed additives by regulation 1831/2003/EC and other regulations take care of the purity criteria’s etc.

Optimization, better utilization and more healthy animals are concepts inevitable if you want to remain or become the top feed supplier in the market.

We believe in the cooperation with our clients to develop new ingredients for animal feed / pet food that can benefit the animal, as an example the health of our animals in relation to specific needs during periods of animal life, or an ingredient that can solve a specific challenge in animals raised for slaughtering or as a specific ingredient supporting growth or the immune-system

Development of feed with specific capabilities is drawing increased attention. Demands arises from the consumers (farmers, slaughter-houses as well as end-consumers) whether these demands targets better taste, better digestion of the feed, general better health in the flock or avoiding specific parasites.

We also see the feed attention from developers of animal feed for ex. pigs, chickens etc. They also want a more safe feed and a feed that benefits the animals and gives more tasty meat/more meat when the animals are slaughtered. Farmers also want a more effective feed that helps them with a greater increment.

We can be at your service from the very beginning. You may have the idea or the product which you want us to help finish up and make ready for market. We can develop a full product concept for you or we can assess what you bring, no matter what, we will make sure that also the regulatory part is fulfilled with ingredients, label etc. and if you wish for us to help with market strategy or commercialization we will of course be able to assist you with that as well.