Fortified food

Fortified/enriched food

Fortified or enriched food is regulated by Regulation 1925/2006/EC. The regulation sets out harmonized EU rules for adding vitamins and minerals to food. It creates a list of the vitamins and minerals which could be added to foods and establishes the criteria for setting the minimum and maximum levels for such nutrients added to food, on the basis of scientific advice.

Beware that national legislation may apply adding further requirements to regulation 1925/2006/EC.

Fortified food

Fortified foods are items that have had vitamins and minerals that are not naturally occurring added. The purpose of fortification is to strengthen the foods that people eat. There are also foods on the market that are enriched. People often confuse these with fortified foods, but there is a major difference.

It is in regards to legislation a tricky area to navigate in. Some countries within the European Union have separate national legislation which is the reason that we are often taken in by our customer to help define and get the product safe, swift and legal to market.

We are experienced in the dialogue, investigation and argumentation the product(s) necessary before the product may to qualify for the “Approved” stamp from the Authorities.