Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is a subcategory of PARNUT and is regulated by regulation 2009/39/EC.

Beware that national legislation in some European countries can apply to the products as well.

We are experiencing a raising interest for the Sports nutrition including all kind of sports products once again both in regards to all categories from muscle building, endurance, recovery to you name it. It comes in all shapes we have customers asking for bars, gels, powder etc.

We can assist you in several ways with your sports products:

  • Labeling and market potential including translation (DK/SE/NO/DE/EN)
  • Development
  • Raw material sourcing

Bringing your product to market within the EU countries, focusing on keeping as many claims options as possible and as many market potentials open are factors we always are a part of keeping your product safe. Sometimes it can be necessary to reformulate a little to legally bring the product to market, but in our experience it is often a matter of how to present the things you want to say i.e. it is often not what you want to say that is the problem, but instead how you say it- we believe you will be surprised of what is possible to say doing it with a twist.

We are experienced developing sports nutrition aiming for the target of our customers. That can be exclusive quality, good quality but affordable for the average athletes etc. But we will make the strongest product within the category defined and we use valid data to composition a strong product with the touch of our customer.

In regards to the raw materials, the customer wish for a specific ingredient – no problem we can find it or use the one provided for us. We have a great network which makes us able to locate and track down the ingredient wanted, holding a high quality and a reasonable price. See more about raw material sourcing.