Weight management

Weight management

Weight management is a subcategory of PARNUT and is regulated by regulation 2009/39/EC.

Beware that national legislation in some European countries can apply to the product as well.

We can assist you in several ways with your products:

  • Labeling and market potential including translation (DK/SE/NO/DE/EN)
  • Development
  • Raw material sourcing

Labeling of your product is often the key to get the market positioning you want but also a balance related to the risk that the Authorities determining that the labeling has crossed boundaries for the category starting even further investigations of the product to sustain. We wish for you to make the branding ensuring the product a strong positioning but still to keep the product safe, regardless of what type of weight management product you have.

Often it is not what you want to say that is the problem, but instead how you say it- we believe you will be surprised of what is possible to say doing it with a twist.

We are experienced developing weight management products aiming for the target of our customers. The target can be exclusive quality, good quality but affordable for the average athletes etc. But we will make the strongest product within the category defined and we use valid data to composition a strong product with the touch of our customer.

In regards to raw materials, the customer can wish for a specific ingredient – no problem we can find it or use the one provided for us. We have a great network which makes us able to locate and track down the ingredient wanted holding a high quality and a reasonable price. See more about raw material sourcing.