Pet-food is regulated by several legislations. Marketing and labeling is regulated by regulation 767/2009/EC, feed hygiene 183/2005/EC and other regulations for purity of ingredients etc.

In the past years we have also been working with animal feed mostly in the sense of petfood. Often when our customers have been using their ingredients with the food industry we have helped customers to expand their business opportunities to include pet-food and feed as well.

“Clean label” pet-food has become a trend and we see how people want more and more information about the ingredients in the food for their pets and also information about what the ingredients does for their pet’s wellbeing. People are willing to spend more money on the feed made especially for their animal, young, old, overweight, working dog etc. and turns away from the standard discount feed.

The overall new tendency in pet-food contributes to the development of feed, treats and chews using food ingredients instead of bi-products.

This area contains big business opportunities for the right ingredients, ideas and strategies.

We can be at your service from the very beginning. We can develop a full product concept for you or we can review an existing product or range.

no matter what the task we will make sure that the nutritional, regulatory and marketing part is finished including ingredient selection, labeling, marketing etc.