Efficacy targeting specific use

Efficacy – targeting specific use

Documentation is the key for approval and recognition of your ingredient/product and hereby the way to market and profit.

Studies constructed to demonstrate efficacy is used for:

Health claim

Studies to support a health claim application must demonstrate efficacy, bioavailability and effect on biomarkers. This calls for study designs designed for the purpose.

Food for special medical purposes

Here is the key to define the endpoints showing the efficacy of the food ingredient. Safety normally already has been established, even though it might be necessary to demonstrate a higher tolerable upper limit of ingestion.

Endpoints and study know how

We have made several study designs for new ingredients defining clear and measureable endpoints. If the study is carried out in a recognizable and acceptable scientific form with focus on what you really wish to demonstrate you might end up with the money spend and time wasted.

We have a large network who can help defining these tasks depending on what the job entails whether it is food, feed or cosmetics. Our network includes Medical personnel, Professors, business partners in many industries worldwide and this makes us capable to set the strongest team for every task and make the results count in all countries.

We look forward to be your business partner and allied through all the steps in the process from idea to market.