Welcome to 1A Food Consulting

We are a European company based in Denmark providing consultancy support within a wide spectrum including food, food ingredients, supplements, food for special medical purposes, product development and a lot more – looking for anything specific? Use our search tool.

1A Food Consulting is more than just a regulatory consultancy – depending on the task given, we incorporate the regulatory part into the commercialization strategy, development of the product and also the route to market every single ingredient/product making the regulatory work frame a benefit and not an obstacle. We thrive in the minefield of legislations and providing results while meeting our customers’ needs.

We are at your disposal with a number of services which we are looking forward to inform you about on the next pages. Please use the search function if you are looking for something in particular.

It is the policy of 1A Food Consulting that the time needed to identify a project and issues related hereto is for free within reason (and no strings attached). We will upon your accept call you, which make the call in itself for free or you are very welcome to contact us by mail or email.

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Gunnar Kvistgaard